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What The EASH Acronym Stands For

The acronym EASH stands for Education, Accountability, Solutions, and Healing. This was created through an inclusive process that involved parents as well as licensed, classified, and hourly staff members. 

The concept was created by TTSD high school students in partnership with our school board. The purpose of these plans is to pre-emptively combat hate speech and bias incidents in our schools so that all students feel safe and respected, which is critical to maximizing learning opportunities. These plans are intended to serve everyone and strengthen our community.

Graphic of multicultural kids

EASH Committee Video

Created by ARE's EASH Committee on 4/28/2022

Length: 20:50 minutes

If you would like to view this video with subtitles in your preferred language, please do the following:

  1. Click on the above video link

  2. Once the video has been opened, go to “Settings”

  3. Select “Subtitles CC(1)

  4. Select “Auto-translate”

  5. Select your preferred language

Instructions with graphics for language subtitles